The Ultimate Packing List for Business Travel in Nairobi
07/10/2017 Guest Review Award
The Ultimate Packing List for Business Travel in Nairobi
07/10/2017 Guest Review Award

One of the biggest questions we get from our guests in our homestay is: ‘where can I go to have a drink/party? ‘ So we decided to put up a list of best of nightlife in Syokimau. This list should be on every visitor’s itinerary on a night out within our neighborhoods. Our list extends across different styles from high-end luxury clubs to budget pubs and bars. Find your way around the best spot today.

  1. The Ngong Pool Bar at Ole-Sereni Hotel

Located 14km from Nairobi Airport Homestay, Ngong Pool bar is one of the ideal places for indulging in well-made cocktails, delicious as well as a cool relaxing atmosphere.  The ambiance and interior architecture are incredibly impressive, and that alone is reason enough to visit. For Shisha lovers, the Ngong Pool Bar is home to Ole-Sereni’s Shisha Lounge, which boasts a range of tobacco flavors imported from Morocco and impeccable service. A visit to the bar is also a visit to the only city hotel by a game park, Ole Sereni Hotel right within the neighborhoods on Nairobi National Park & Syokimau.

2. The Galaxy Bar

Pull up a seat at the Galaxy bar in Eka Hotel & enjoy some world-class drinks & cocktails prepared right under your watch. This cozy, sleek bar is an extension their galaxy restaurant & only makes tropical-inspired house drinks & cocktails, which will be boozy, fruity, fresh, and exactly what you need to make the memorable night. Choose from an array of wines and beverages with favorite bites and snacks to savor as you enjoy your drink. Needless to say, this particular spot is a definitely a perfect date spot away from the frequently crowded Spur & Galaxy restaurants.

3. Crystal Bar, Ruby VIP Lounge, Shooters & Dips nightclub

Need a bit of sophistication for your night out or a bit of diversity? Try the Panari Hotel’s drinks & entertainment hub. All in under one roof, you get to choose from the Crystal Bar, a perfect spot for enjoying some chilled cocktails and refreshing beers, the Ruby VIP lounge as you explore the property’s tranquility with some magnificent views of the Nairobi National Park or the Shooters & Dips Night Club where you can chill out, relax and unwind as you listen to handpicked music by the DJ and let yourself go to the rhythms. All the bars offer a varied food menu along with a long list of signature cocktails, fine wines, and liquors.


4. Governors Club 

A 7-minute drive from our homestay via Muthama Access road and you’ll be right at the Governor Club. The Club brings the glitz and rustic feel to Syokimau with its ideal setting overlooking the SGR and the people stumbling about in the streets around. During daytime, it’s a nice place to get a beer or two & some snacks, while nighttime, things liven up for some music & dance action. Go here with friends and spend all night chatting, waiting for your next trip to Mombasa through the SGR or just having some fun.

5. Club Xenon Lounge & Restaurant

Club Xenon is one of the most chilled out place along Mombasa Rd, in Syokimau. Located about 3 & a half kilometers from our homestay, this entertainment spot has a top class lounge and restaurant. Arguably, the club has the most stunning architectural designs with probably the most aesthetically appealing lounge in Syokimau. Despite its allure & appeal, the club has maintained an affordable a casual vibe for locals & tourists alike.

6. Level 7 Lounge  (At Next Gen Mall)

Level 7 Lounge is a modern sophisticated bar and lounge located on Mombasa Road’s NextGen Mall about 16 minutes from Nairobi Airport Homestay. For those who can get enough of the nightlife, there’s always something going on at the Level 7 Lounge whether it’s a sports game viewing, DJ Supremes’ Mixes, epic rhumba nights or some food!  The ambiance is extremely great and the services are top notch as the staff is trained to perfection in relations to how they interact with people. The Lounge also provides meals & they have the most awesome views of Mombasa Road.

7. Lounge 254 in Gateway Mall

Welcome to the most futuristic nightclub in Syokimau. With a contemporary futuristic theme as it main pride, the club also has a magnificent view of the SGR. Enjoy some awesome music, relax in their awesome ambiance lounge as you sip-away your drink. Lounge 254 offers affordable drinks and fun vibe & mostly packed on weekend nights with live entertainment. You also indulge in some nyama choma if you like.

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