Three Women, Three Regions – Gaki, Metumi & Kabete

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October 17, 2014
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Each of these women is of course extremely attractive and it is a toss. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1. Waithiegeni from Karatina, Nyeri

A slight frown

2. Wanjiru from Fort Hall, Muran'ga

A slight smile.

This beautiful picture is said to be of an old woman. The photographer seems to have had a better rapport with her and she seems more relaxed. She seems to have been resting and her load is next to her. She is adorned with the traditional beaded ear bangles, hang'i and the two iron spirals worn by married women. Her hang'i however are hanging from the earlobes and not strapped over her head as was the more common practice.
In terms of health, again no modern Kikuyu woman can hold a candle to her even those half her age. The flabby arms and overflowing flesh from tummies and waists of today's woman are not even worth talking about in front of such a physique.

3. Njeri from Kiambu

A radiant smile.

This fine picture reveals the beauty of soul of the Kiambu woman. She is a queen and is adorned as one and she knows it. Even if her husband may be poor and all the riches are due to her, no one will ever know it. We give her the name of Njeri aka Waceera, the traveller. Because of her journeys she is exposed to other cultures and trades with them. Her clothing betrays her Aceera clan ancestry, flamboyant, sharp and posh. She is alone as the saying goes,Méceera ndaceeraga na éngî, or "Muceera does not travel with another".
Note that she wears rings on her fingers, a mark of royalty, that is, she is not a woman of dirt or grow arrow roots like our Nyeri or Murang'a specimens. Again her health is such that if we cared about our own health, we would do everything to learn the secret behind it and not believe the over glorified white coated prescription clerks for pharmaceutical companies who tell us only what is necessary to increase their business.